Introduction: Know the Truth! Is Liberalism to Blame for School Shootings?

cropped-nathan-dumlao-y21qf5v_k6q-unsplash.jpgEvery age carries a spirit, or zeitgeist, with it. This is inescapable. Moods, attitudes and belief systems in whatever form, influence the emotional, psychological and spiritual aspects of human nature. We can easily become infected by the spirit of the times, especially at an early age, and it can radically influence our understanding of life and reality for better or worse.

In this book, I want to show how the problem of school shootings can be attributed to three primary causes: 1) the spiritual and psychological effects of today’s modern (or social) liberalism within the political arena; 2) the application of its principles within the new parenting model it has fostered; and, 3) the breakdown of the traditional family structure it has similarly produced.

As a Christian, a nonreligious reader will find that I am somewhat biased in my understanding of right and wrong, and that my values do not necessarily line up with theirs. Be that as it may, I ask that you judge the merits of the conclusions from the shared common ground truths of human behavior and human flourishing. We may not be as far apart as you think.

About fifty years ago, and beginning with a set of domestic programs launched during the nineteen sixties, called The Great Society, we saw a profound shift in American politics and culture. The Civil Rights Movement in particular helped to open the door to this shift by introducing a means of forcing new legislation upon existing laws and protections. In the name of freedom, equality and liberation this movement allowed for judges to overrule the once protected rights of private companies, schools and institutions in order to ensure the desired outcomes of these reforms.

With the success of the Civil Rights Movement, others who sought to bring about changes in society saw this model of legislation as a golden opportunity. Shortly thereafter, we saw the birth of the sexual revolution which sought to eliminate state regulation of sexual behavior. With the advent of the pill and other effective birth control methods, they believed these outdated societal rules to be no longer necessary. They sought to normalize premarital sex, extramarital sex and even pornography. These efforts also included public nudity, homosexuality and nearly all other alternative forms of sexuality. They saw previously legislated restrictions as not only oppressive but also repressive and even psychologically victimizing; nothing more than the backward product of antiquated moral and religious taboos. Of course, this resulted in many unfathered love children, along with many divorces from infidelity; and it is not by coincidence did no-fault divorce and legalized abortion follow in the wake of these newfound freedoms—all in the name of oppression relief and self-fulfillment.

Today’s social liberalism continues to apply the civil rights model within the courts to pass new legislation on behalf of others considered oppressed and victimized. Civil rights laws now include the right for same-sex couples to marry, as well as discrimination laws for gender identity and sexual orientation. As before, these laws similarly undermine the foundational and protected rights of others. As Christopher Caldwell points out in his book, The Age of Entitlement: America Since the Sixties, this ever-growing expansion of civil rights now rivals the Constitution.

Although many believe this to be a good thing and long overdue, I want to show how these reforming efforts are systematically destroying the institutions and moral safeguards necessary for a healthy society. It is also creating a psychological condition that is quickly becoming irreversible. As far as school shootings are concerned (and even mass shootings), the three areas most impacted are the traditional family structure, long-held child rearing practices, and the uncivilized means by which we legislate and bring about change in society.

When it comes to child rearing, the new parenting model that liberalism has fostered is grossly passive and neglectful. Today’s children are rarely disciplined or held to the same accountability their parents and grandparents once were. They are now more unbridled than ever. The resulting psychological effect has created children and young adults that are abnormally insecure, depressed, and suicidal. The reasons for this will be discussed in detail.

As far as the current divorce rate and the subsequent breakdown of the traditional family, this same outcome, only worse, can be said of those coming from broken or dysfunctional homes, which make up the majority of school shooters. As a consequence of these environments, many of today’s young people simply do not possess the emotional and psychological stability necessary to endure the challenges of life’s more negative circumstances. According to the research, this instability is ‘the’ most critical component of school shootings.

The answer to the anger and hopelessness they experience is found in the continuing origins of today’s broader culture, where it is perfectly acceptable to take your frustrations out on others in the name of victimization, entitlement and oppression relief. Our culture is now defined by open hostility and gross disrespect; public violence is also at an all-time high. Over the past fifty years, we have seen the restraining and stabilizing influence of an ordered and structured society all but vanish. Liberalism seeks to liberate and justify nearly all subjective impulse and desire. This not only includes sexual gratification, as seen through the sexual revolution, but also vindictive desires once considered deviant or criminal, to include public retaliation, vicious or otherwise, toward all who oppose its liberating agenda.

For example, how many have been publicly ostracized or lost their jobs or businesses, or been completely silenced on social media, or been slanderously labeled as racists for merely expressing their religious beliefs? And how many lawsuits are presently being pursued that purposely target the once protected rights of others? And does anyone really know who won the 2020 election?

We now live in a politically charged world of endless entitlement and victimization; anything upsetting, unfulfilling, or considered disenfranchising or oppressive is to be laid at the feet of society and the cultures that are produced—everything is society’s fault. With its evolutionary understanding of life and reality, retaliation is not only expected it is culturally applauded—society must evolve—people must change. This cultural conditioning has become the necessary catalyst for murder and suicide. It not only sets the expectation but practically grants permission. This is the message today’s young people are taught every day of their lives.

Can this situation be reversed or are we doomed to a path of certain destruction? Although many remain hopeful, I suppose it’s anyone’s guess as to whether those responsible are willing to try a new direction and make the necessary changes.

I want to begin by examining the strange new world that has been produced over the past fifty years, and how we have traded our restraining principles for a redefined understanding of freedom. I then want to explore the psychological effects this redefining has produced and show how these effects are not only producing school shooters, but also a dramatic rise in anxiety, depression, drug addiction and suicide.

Lastly, I want to use the final chapter to prove the existence of God. That might sound strange in this day and age, but would it not end a lot of experimental striving within the culture if we knew that the existence of God—the Christian God—could be proven with certainty? Would it not also end a lot of problems if we were to discover that the inherent natural laws that govern all things—God’s laws—are an absolute necessity for human flourishing?

We presently live in a world where the proponents of cultural and social liberalism criticize the moral convictions of religious faith and believe they have a better, kinder and more loving approach to the world and its problems. Wouldn’t it be nice if we had an objective standard that defined reality for everyone? A standard that couldn’t be denied. Wouldn’t it be nice to know with certainty that such a thing, or person, existed? I would like to show that we do have such a standard, and that we can know with certainty that such a thing, or person, exists.