LS2Liberalism and School Shootings

Will school shootings continue? What fuels this level of toxicity and hopelessness? What has changed over the past fifty years that would produce such an outcome?

Learn how the spiritual and psychological effects of today’s liberalism, the new parenting model it has fostered, and the breakdown of the traditional family structure it has likewise produced, is killing today’s young people and destroying America from within. This book exposes the true culprit behind school shootings and reveals how this trend can be reversed if the necessary changes are made. If you like exploring human nature and the psychological effects of a profane worldview, then you’ll love this revealing book.

EDITORIAL REVIEW: This is the first book I’ve seen that accurately addresses the cultural background of this phenomenon. We live in a much different world now. The psychological effects of today’s parenting model alone is a much bigger problem than people are aware. Parents are literally destroying the very humanity of their children without even realizing it. I believe the author is correct in saying this problem is not going away. In the next few years it will become much worse than ever imagined. This is a must-read for every parent. —Charles Backus

New 2 (4)Explore the Faith! A Glossary of Christian Words, Beliefs and Practices 

Explore the faith!  Know the facts!

The idea behind this glossary is that you don’t look up words and ideas you’ve never heard before. This handy guide was designed to introduce new believers, or curious explorers, to the common words, practices and beliefs of the Christian faith. Made for casual browsing, the entries are brief, straightforward and easy to understand—perfect for inquiring minds.

SSAComing Soon! Can Same-Sex Attraction Be Overcome?

Why is same-sex attraction on the rise? Why has identity become so elusive? Does today’s parenting model play a role? Can these unwanted desires be overcome?

Same-sex attraction is the product of neglect and/or abuse. Its primary elements are that of fear, anxiety and unmet needs. The insatiable desire to meet these needs, and alleviate this fear and anxiety, becomes confused with sexual eroticism and a homosexual is born. Can these unwanted desires be overcome? Yes they can! In fact, a motivated person can do this without the aid of a therapist. This book can show you how to apply simple techniques that anyone can learn. Whether you are bisexual or exclusively homosexual, or only have fleeting desires, you can join countless others that have eliminated these unwanted attractions and are now pursuing happier lives.

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